Tree & Cactus Removal

Tree & Cactus Removal

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Tree Removal Near You

Do you need Professional Tree Removal services in Arizona? Arizona Tree Trimming & Removal is equipped to remove any tree or cactus – large or small.  Trees are many times planted without regard to mature tree size and become too large for their location, other times they may have died due to disease or other problems in which tree removal is necessary for safety concerns. We serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Glendale, Sun City, Peoria, Carefree, Rio Verde,  Paradise Valley and more.

Cactus Removal Near You

Many cactus species can grow to be very large in captivity, and can be difficult or dangerous to remove if not handled by professionals.  Whatever the situation may be, our experienced tree professionals are ready to tackle your difficult or dangerous project, while keeping safety and property protection as our top priority.

We provide Tree Services Near you:

We also provide services for Shrubs, Hedges, Bushes, Logging, Landscaping and Land Clearing.

Every Removal Service job is different and costs vary depending on:

  • Distance we carry debris from your tree to our trailer – The more steps we take to load the trailer the longer the job will take to complete.
  • Amount of debris hauled away in our trailer – We pay by the pound to dispose of the debris so the more debris we haul away the heavier the trailer the more it costs to dispose.
  • Distance you are from a landfill – Diesel fuel costs rely on distance we have to haul your debris to the landfill.
  • Height of work being done off the ground – The higher we work in your tree off the ground the more risk of damaging our tools and our crew.

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